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  • Highest adult readership in the UK of any female magazine brand
  • The Cosmopolitan Generation make up 26% of the UK population
  • The generation with the highest spending power by 2017
  • Early adopters of technology who check phones 43 times daily
  • Cosmopolitan readers spend £40 million more on skincare and cosmetics than those of its competitors
  • ABC1: 69%
  • AB: 35%
  • Median Age: 28

Competition & Brand Examples:

The below is an example of a competition on the site

Win Wall Art with pure Gold

2 prizes to be won!

When a new year begins, Christians around the world celebrate it with the feast of Epiphany, also known as the feast of the Three Holy Kings or the Three Wise Men.


A long journey through the desert lies behind Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, on which a mighty star pulled them almost magnetically to a stable near Bethlehem. There they fall on their knees and put treasures in front of a manger with a newborn child in it: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Gifts for Jesus, the Lord.


The abstract picture is painted with real gold leaf, 23 ct of the Austrian Mint on handmade paper from a traditional italian paper mill. It is attached to an artificially rusted iron plate (approx. 24 cm x 32 cm = ~ 9,4 in x 12,5 in) by four tiny magnets. The rusting process has been stopped.


Take the chance to welcome the patron saints of travellers in your home by taking part in the competition. With a little luck, you can win one of two sets, similar as shown in the picture. Each is worth € 134 or approx. £ 120.-

The sets consist of the abstract image, the iron plate with a hole for the nail and four magnets to attach the paper to ( size of the paper: ~ 22 cm x 28 cm = ~ 8,4 in x 11 in).


Visit the website and discover extraordinary images - that certain something for your wall! WONNEREICH icons set noble accents in contemporary rooms and fit all furnishing styles. A unique home accessory, that is only available from this small workshop in the heart of Vienna, Austria:


Wonnereich, founded in 2016 by Ulrike Rainer, makes minimalist images of saints by hand from the most exclusive materials. For the martyrs, for example, real, blood-red document ink is used, which is also handmade in Germany. Only the names are elaborately printed in a specially developed process, to take into account our digital age. "The reason for this was to bring the saints back into our lives, but with a fresh and modern look so they can do their work, awaken the spirit and sensitize for the beauty", she says.


The images in the WONNEREICH online-shop are customizable. Many motifs are available for a favorite patron or patroness, but since almost everything is handmade, there will always only be similar pictures, never two identical ones. On the back they are signed, and a certificate card is enclosed.


Simply choose the correct answer to the following question to be entered into this free Prize Draw

What is WONNEREICH specialized in?

Brand and types of products we work with:

Here are some of the brands we work with. These brands have provided such prizes as: Hair care products, shoes, Lingerie, spa breaks and much more.

Marketing Blurb:

For women who don’t take life lying down. Cosmopolitan is one of the most powerful and most recognised brands in the world. It’s the biggest and most iconic young women’s media brand and, reaching 1 in 4 millennials, is the No 1 Young Women’s title in the UK (Source: NRS).

Competitions & Prize Sponsor Benefits

Why become a competition sponsor?

To work with us on this opportunity, please call one of our team on 0114 3990828 or register your interest here

The minimum prize value (MPV) for this publication is £500

Benefits of providing prizes for competitions.

  • A Unique opportunity to promote existing products and service or promote new opportunities.
  • Positive brand association
  • 4 weeks promotion
  • The brand images and product description used in the blurb
  • The multi-choice question tied to the brand for brand reinforcement
  • Marketing of the competition

Only available to the prize sponsor

Prize Sponsor Benefits:

You also have the option to take the following features (Additional cost may apply for some of these features)

Data capture ‐ This is brilliant opportunity to ask the users engaging with the competition if they would like to opt in to hear from the Brand. This compares favourably to most other data capture opportunities, has brilliant responses and is compliant with all uk law including GDPR.
On this publication you will typically receive between 355-661 of opted in individuals requesting more information.

Links ‐ These can be used for driving traffic and or for helping with SE0.

Embedded video ‐ if you have a promotional video we can include this in the competition text.

Additional promotion via social media, main newsletters, etc ‐ Please ask for availability and costs.