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Competition & Brand Examples:

The below is an example of a competition on the site

Win the World's FIRST ≥95% Filtration Efficient Reusable Face Mask

10 prizes to be won!

breathe happy has launched the world’s first certified reusable face mask meeting EN14683:2019 standards, priced just £19.99. With face masks now compulsory on all public transport, there’s a better, safer, more cost-effective, greener alternative to the ever-present paper or cloth face masks that lots of people are now wearing when out and about, as Personal Protection Equipment, in an attempt to keep Covid-19 at bay. The filters are replaceable and each filter lasts seven days. Each breathe happy face mask comes with five filters – that’s 35 days worth!


·       World's FIRST ≥95% Filtration Efficient Reusable Face Mask

·       Safe, comfortable and recyclable

·       Replaceable filters

·       One filter lasts seven days

·       Affordable and economic versus disposable face masks

·       Doesn't fog glasses unlike most other face masks


Unlike paper masks the breathe happy protects both you and those around you.


Paper masks are not designed protect the wearer. They are designed to protect a patient from being coughed on or sneezed on. Cloth masks do not protect anyone!


Our breathe happy reusable face mask protects YOU the wearer.

Enter now to win one of 10 complete breathe happy reusable mask kits including a set of 5 filters (35 days supply)


Simply visit the breathe happy website to find the answer to the following question:


Testing shows that with disposable paper masks what % of inhaled air remains unfiltered? (Hint see our website


Say hello to breathe happy – the World’s FIRST reusable face mask (respirator). Our breathe happy mask uses the very latest innovation in mask technology and offers the highest filtration available. It is reusable and has a replaceable filter system that does not come into contact with your face. Our breathe happy face mask features a silicone mask and a separate filter assembly. The mask fits snugly to your face and won’t cause glasses to fog up which is a major problem with paper masks.


Our breathe happy filters offer fantastic value for money as just ONE filter is equivalent to SEVEN disposable paper masks!


breathe happy – breathe safe – breathe easy


click here to find out more AND the answer to our question! 


And for more news and offers; like and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!



Simply choose the correct answer to the following question to be entered into this free Prize Draw

Testing shows that with disposable paper masks what % of inhaled air remains unfiltered. (Hint see our website

Would you like to receive a 20% email discount off your next order from breathe happy?

Brand and types of products we work with:

Here are some of the brands we work with. These brands have provided such prizes as: headphones, sunglasses, gift bags, vitamins and much more

Marketing Blurb:

LDNfashion – The definitive fashion guide to London. We launched in 2009 with one mission: to showcase the world’s greatest fashion city, London. We do this with fun and informative content, covering the latest London sample sales, fashion news, features, competitions, interviews and more. The Times newspaper named us on their Top 20 Fashion Twitterer list and AskMen UK include us in their Top 10 Fashion Blogs Men Should Follow

Competitions & Prize Sponsor Benefits

Why become a competition sponsor?

To work with us on this opportunity, please call one of our team on 0114 3990828 or register your interest here

The minimum prize value (MPV) for this publication is £200

Benefits of providing prizes for competitions.

  • A Unique opportunity to promote existing products and service or promote new opportunities.
  • Positive brand association
  • 4 weeks promotion
  • The brand images and product description used in the blurb
  • The multi-choice question tied to the brand for brand reinforcement
  • Marketing of the competition

Only available to the prize sponsor

Prize Sponsor Benefits:

You also have the option to take the following features (Additional cost may apply for some of these features)

Data capture ‐ This is brilliant opportunity to ask the users engaging with the competition if they would like to opt in to hear from the Brand. This compares favourably to most other data capture opportunities, has brilliant responses and is compliant with all uk law including GDPR.
On this publication you will typically receive between 56-100 of opted in individuals requesting more information.

Links ‐ These can be used for driving traffic and or for helping with SE0.

Embedded video ‐ if you have a promotional video we can include this in the competition text.

Additional promotion via social media, main newsletters, etc ‐ Please ask for availability and costs.