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  • 534,000 monthly unique visitors - Comscore 2020
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  • 630,000 total brand reach PAMCo 2019

Competition & Brand Examples:

The below is an example of a competition on the site

Year subscription to Mindshine Mental Fitness App

5 prizes to be won!

Ever have the feeling something’s holding you back? Here’s the secret… it’s your mind. We can change that!

Modern life is having a disastrous effect on our minds, making mental health an increasingly important topic these days. But discussions around mental health tend to focus on illness. At Mindshine, we focus on health. We believe that  in order to be healthy, you need to be fit... in mind as well as body. We believe in MENTAL FITNESS.

You can train your mind, just like your body. And with a few weeks' dedication, you'll start to feel the benefits. Your thinking patterns get stronger, and you start to move forward. More confident. More productive. Happier.

Mindshine is mental fitness coaching. Think of it as a gym for your mind. It has all the training methodologies you need in order to find purpose, uncover your inner greatness and let your mind shine. And this gym comes with a personal trainer to guide you along, every step of the way.

“Yeah, ok but how is this different to meditation apps like headspace & calm”. 

Circling back to our gym metaphor, meditation is a treadmill. It’s great, but it’s mostly limited to one kind of training. Mindshine is the entire gym. We offer meditation plus a whole host of other science-based tools from the worlds of positive psychology, leadership coaching & mindfulness to effectively change your mindset. 

And we fit right into your daily life. All exercises are short, simple and fun. Just pick up your smartphone and get going.


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What is Mental Fitness?

Brand and types of products we work with:

Here are some of the brands we work with. These brands have provided prizes such as; two month supply of healthy bars, reflex boxing bar, running headphones and much more!

Marketing Blurb:

The world's biggest running media brand, Runners World offers advice, inspiration and motivation to an active, engaged audience. Runners world speaks to everyone who's interested in hitting the pavement, from health and fitness runner to serial race finishers, offering the latest expert advice on training, nutrition, health , industry prevention , gear and the best races to try. Between Jan 2019 and December 2019 - the highest reach by demographic was to ABC1 adults with a reach of485,000 by print or its website. Josph Jonson, Mar 2020.

Competitions & Prize Sponsor Benefits

Why become a competition sponsor?

To work with us on this opportunity, please call one of our team on 0114 3990828 or register your interest here

The minimum prize value (MPV) for this publication is £250

Benefits of providing prizes for competitions.

  • A Unique opportunity to promote existing products and service or promote new opportunities.
  • Positive brand association
  • 4 weeks promotion
  • The brand images and product description used in the blurb
  • The multi-choice question tied to the brand for brand reinforcement
  • Marketing of the competition

Only available to the prize sponsor

Prize Sponsor Benefits:

You also have the option to take the following features (Additional cost may apply for some of these features)

Data capture ‐ This is brilliant opportunity to ask the users engaging with the competition if they would like to opt in to hear from the Brand. This compares favourably to most other data capture opportunities, has brilliant responses and is compliant with all uk law including GDPR.
On this publication you will typically receive between of opted in individuals requesting more information.

Links ‐ These can be used for driving traffic and or for helping with SE0.

Embedded video ‐ if you have a promotional video we can include this in the competition text.

Additional promotion via social media, main newsletters, etc ‐ Please ask for availability and costs.